How do I create a new game ?

refer: Creating Game

How to invite friend to join the game I created ?

refer: Sharing Game

Is there overall player ranking system in Online Baghchal ?

Yes. Depending upon the numbers of game won, lost or gave up by player total score is calculated for a player. When you visit Registered Users section, users are displayed on the basis of their score rank.

What is Give Up and how this affects player ranking ?

Give Up is an option provided to player for certain circumstances in game play when s/he finds game not interesting or gets fed up with same kind of repetitive moves. Player can chat and decide to give up in mutual understanding or any player can give up on his/her own interest.

Give up affects game score hence player ranking too.

How to search for games to join ?

Online Baghchal status buttons available in top row below navigation menu provide option to view Online users, find currently running games or waiting games. Browsing these pages, player can find other players, games and join them.

Can I watch other two players playing ?

Yes. This is one of the best feature in Online Baghchal. Any user can join to watch games which are already running between other two players. Watching is limited to just seeing visual movements of game pieces. Watcher can not contribute to game.

Is there single player version of Online Baghchal ?

No. But we have plan in future to support single player mode where player can validate their Baghchal skill against AI Baghchal bot. We first want to find the quantitative measure of Baghchal lovers online. Depending upon user feedback and our investors’ response we will work on implementing single player mode too.

What is the condition for game over?

There are 3 conditions.

  1. When player locks all tigers,
  2. When Tiger eats 5 goats and
  3. When any one of the player Gives up game.

Can I chat with other player during game ?

Yes. This is the opportunity to get social with each other players.

How score is calculated ?

Please visit Online Baghchal Score page.

Is Online Baghchal score valuable ?

Yes and No. It depends how many users register to our site and how much acceptance Online Baghchal gets in Nepalese Baghchal community.

I have some suggestion for improvements of Online Baghchal, how do I send feedback ?

Thanks for asking this question. Please send us message via Feedback section or visit Contact Us page where there are different ways to contact us. Come through any mean we will always love to here your feedback on Online Baghchal application.

How to view other users profile ?

On Games listing in different sections in Online Baghchal you will find player’s name. Click on player names to bring up their profile.

Are user profile important ?

User profile are a way to view any players Baghchal achievement till date. User’s score can be validated by checking the history of games. Also, Games played by user are all saved under his/her profile page. These games details can be nicely studied to get idea about any player’s Baghchal strategy.

My user account is banned, why ?

Your account can be banned in following cases:

  • Violates Online Baghchal TOS
  • Offensive verbally / Written Username
  • Misleading profile information
  • Harmful activities shown in server log include your username.

What happens if my user account is banned ?

Depending upon the severity of the actions resulting user banning, Online Baghchal team would decide what to do with your account. First and foremost measure is to ban the user from system. When user gets banned, s/he won’t be able to use her/his registered email address again to signup or in any other places in the system. In cases of severe misleading activities, we may even publicly disclose your account data mentioning the damage.

How do you handle email/password security ?

We do not save password in plain text. That is we save your password as random string of hashed characters. This ensures user privacy is protected. Email is saved for the purpose of getting in touch with our users. User email is never disclosed in any publicly visible pages in the application.

Is Online Bagchal spamming us ?

Online Baghchal is here to provide a online real-time social experience to our old Baghchal lovers community. We respect our user’s privacy and won’t ever spam them. As player accepts out TOS while joining we could send occasional emails about Online Baghchal updates.

How do you earn money out of Online Baghchal ?

Currently we have no way to earn money via Online Baghchal. This project is wholly investors supported. If user-base increases and it gets hard to balance our server cost, application running cost then we might consider partnering with advertisements firms to serve related ads via the system.

What are your plans for future extensions ?

Depending upon user activity and feedback we will continue to work on improving Online Baghchal User Experience as far as practicable.

How does feedback works ?

You send us message. We read it. We sort out feedback on the basis of relevance to our future release cycles and work on it to improve Online Baghchal. Keep us posted, your small feedback could help us enrich the overall user base's Online Baghchal playing experience.

How to contact Online Baghchal Team ?

Visit Contact Us page. Connect us via Email, Facebook Fan Page or Twitter page.

I want to work with Online Baghchal Team, where can I apply ?

Forward your resume to HR Manager, Semicolon Developers . If you have excellent Node.js platform experience and have ideas for improvement of Online Baghchal system, we would love to have coffee with you.

Online Baghchal Rules
  • The user can play only one game at a time.
  • The user can create only one game at a time.
  • User can watch multiple games at a time.