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1bhu1st (bagh)finlipfinishedJun 26, 2022Won by finlipDetails
2bhu1st (goat)finlipfinishedJun 26, 2022Won by finlipDetails
3chandra29 (goat)computerfinishedJun 21, 2022Won by chandra29Details
4aabhash (goat)computerplayingJun 20, 2022Game is runningWatch
5aabhash (goat)computerfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by computerDetails
6bhu1st (bagh)bimalsfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by bhu1stDetails
7aashutosh (goat)computerfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by aashutoshDetails
8bimals (bagh)bhu1stfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by bhu1stDetails
9aadarsh (goat)computerplayingJun 20, 2022Game is runningWatch
10aadarsh (goat)computerfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by computerDetails
11aabhash (bagh)bhu1stfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by aabhashDetails
12aabhash (goat)bhu1stfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by aabhashDetails
13aabhash (goat)bhu1stfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by bhu1stDetails
1431112 (bagh)bhu1stfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by bhu1stDetails
15finlip (bagh)computerfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by finlipDetails
16finlip (goat)computerfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by finlipDetails
17finlip (bagh)computerfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by finlipDetails
18chandra29 (goat)computerfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by chandra29Details
19finlip (goat)computerfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by finlipDetails
20suwish (goat)computerfinishedJun 20, 2022Won by suwishDetails
21johndoe (goat)computerfinishedJun 19, 2022Won by johndoeDetails
22johndoe (goat)computerfinishedJun 19, 2022Won by computerDetails
23bhu1st (goat)computerfinishedJun 19, 2022Won by bhu1stDetails
24bhu1st (goat)computerfinishedJun 19, 2022Won by bhu1stDetails
25johndoe (bagh)aashutoshgiveupJun 17, 2017Gave Up by aashutoshDetails
26aashutosh (goat)computerfinishedJun 17, 2017Won by computerDetails
27aashutosh (goat)computergiveupJun 17, 2017Gave Up by aashutoshDetails
28aashutosh (goat)computerfinishedJun 17, 2017Won by computerDetails
29aashutosh (goat)computerfinishedJun 17, 2017Won by computerDetails
30aashutosh (goat)computerfinishedJun 17, 2017Won by computerDetails


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