Online Baghchal Update Cycle 10 / UC10, Dec 21st 2012

Online Baghchal Android App
  • From Android app players can
    1. Play offline, publish offline games to OB
    2. Play, Chat, Watch, Replay, Share games online in real time
    3. Public Chat, Send Private message
    4. Most features of are implemented as is into the Android version.
  • Changes in Online Baghchal Website
    1. OB API, we have plans to open it to public in future.
    2. Android icon added in notifications, chat, home page, game page etc
Why we built Android version?
  • Because we wanted to make it easy to play baghchal on the comfort
    of our office desk, sofa, bed, bathroom, restaurants or even from
    the peak of everest when/where mobile network is available.
Performance Improvements
  • Server resources upgrade
  • Database Optimization
  • Game play and overall website response is made faster
We are working on
  • Expert Mode (better AI) on play with computer
  • Top Users list based on game play stastics not only based on OB score.
  • Competition @ Android App

Online Baghchal Update Cycle 9 / UC9, Aug 8th 2012

  • Competition Statuses
    1. Scheduled - Initial phase. Callout for sponsors.
    2. Open - Registration opens.
    3. Progress - The competition happens here.
    4. Finished - When Competition is over.
    5. Dissolved - In disputes
  • Email Notifications During Competition.
    1. Register to competition
    2. Registration approval
    3. Competition reminder (participants only)
  • Sponsor Categories: General Ad Pages & Competition
  • Sponsor Types: Gold, Silver & Bronze
  • General Ad Pages (Gold - 6 months, Silver - 3 months & Bronze - 1 month)
    1. Home Page (Logged In / Not Logged In - 120x90)
    2. Game Page
      • With Computer ( Logged In/ Not Logged In - 290x90)
      • Watch / Replay (Logged In/ Not Logged In - 290x90)
      • With Opponent (Logged In - 120x90)
    3. Profile Page (Logged In / Not Logged In - 290x90)
    4. Competition Listing Page (Both Logged In & Not Logged In - 120x90)
  • Competition Sponsors
    1. Gold - Sponsors all prizes of a competition
    2. Silver - Sponsors any one prize of a competition (mid level)
    3. Bronze - Sponsors any one prize of a competition (average sponsorship)
  • Sponsors Listing Page
  • Sponsor-us page for quick contact on sponsorship
  • Show name of sponsors in public competition page
Home Page
  • Minor design / description changes
  • Active Competition games will be shown at homepage during competition period.
  • Highlight own competition game in homepage and competition page.
  • All of the Recents games can be browsed from Recent Games link.
Minor Improvements
  • Growl messages
  • Signin button in home page
  • User can signin both by username or email
  • Improvement in sound notification
  • Profile image in online and registered users
  • User profile page - played games and competition games
  • Email notification for opponent when offline for private chat message
  • Private Chat renamed to message. We are working on to build Private Messaging feature out of Private Chat.
  • User last login activity in profile page. “Last Seen”
  • User menu at top navigation
  • Game page modified to show competition details if any.
  • Game builder is now - mobile/tablet friendly. Thanks rickymooston for the feedback.

Online Baghchal Update Cycle 8 / UC8, May 27th 2012

We have new Homepage. What say ? *wink*

  • Our homepage got a new look.
  • 8 Top Players are listed in home page, who's next to be listed here ? Definitely you.
  • 10 Recent games are shown in home page.

Online Bagh Chal is more open to new visitors

Bagh Chal Game Builder

  • Game Builder can be accessed at Game Builder
  • Players can use Bagh chal game builder to showcase their strategies to other Baghchal players.
  • We at Semicolon Developers internally use this tool to create tutorials / strategies for testing.

Player Profile page changes

  • Now we have public profile pages. See Computer's public profile
  • Only player's fullname, picture and obaghchal score are shown in public profile.
  • Players can upload their pictures (optional)
  • Players can add their contact number (optional).

Minor Updates

  • Player icons coreclty displayed in play with computer
  • Chat - private message filtered to display individual chats
  • Display difficulty in details page of finished game with computer
  • Remember me ?
  • Login box at top nav
  • Signup link for visitors.
  • Have you forgot your Online Bagh Chal password ? Reset here.
  • Minor adjustment in top navigation
  • Minor spelling correction, made uniform text throught site

We are working on

  • Online Bagh chal competition.

Online Baghchal Update Cycle 7 / UC7, Apr 27th 2012

Play with Computer / Online Bagh Chal Bot / AI

  • Players can now Play Bagh Chal with Computer / AI at Online Bagh Chal
  • Computer is treated as a general oBaghchal user that can play multiple bagh chal games at once
  • Computer has its own profile page
  • Users can play with computer by visiting Computer's profile page or Play with Computer link at top navigation
  • Computer will be always online to play with oBaghchal users
  • Computer can play as Bagh
  • Computer can play as Goat (implemented first time in Online Bagh Chal)
  • Currently Beginners/Medium level of bagh chal difficulty is implemented
  • Game with Computer can be shared with ease
  • Game with Computer can be watched with/without login
  • Registration is not required to play with Computer (difficulty : beginners)
  • Registered users can play with Computer (both difficulty : beginners & meduim), games with computer are all saved, users can watch replay/playback
  • Score system for games with computer is updated. refer - Score System
  • Difficulty : Expert (in progress), our bot has just started learning Bagh Chal *wink*
  • Check our Developer's Blog to know more about how we implemented Bagh Chal AI

Minor Updates

  • Home page (logged in) now shows real time updates
  • "Invalid move" in game play was made more friendly
  • Small bug in "User is watching message" fixed
  • Minor adjustment in top navigation

Online Baghchal Update Cycle 6 / UC6, Feb 11th 2012

Admin profile page

  • For feedback / feature request / claim dispute etc players now can directly contact admin

Audio beep when obaghchal browser tab is not in focus

  • Game chat
  • Public Chat
  • Private Chat
  • Game moves

Claim Dispute

Claim Dispute feature is similar to Give up score wise. But allows user to quit game safely. @admin will decide who wins the game.
Dispute Claim reason is visible in Game details page with admins' reason for dispute resolution.

Criteria for resolving disputes

  • Reason for dispute claim
  • Player's Online Baghchal score
  • Player's activity in Online Baghchal
  • Admin will watch playback of the disputed games.
  • On conflicts of interest, all game dispute resolution rights @ Online Baghchal admins.
  • No disputed games shall be resolved without a reason by admin.

Rate Opponent
User when Claiming Dispute / Giving up a game can rate opponent.
This rating will be considered as a measure for opponent's responsiveness in game, socialibility in chat and activeness in online baghchal website.

Minor Fixes

  • Baghchal favicon added throughout the site
  • Baghchal board image in - about page
  • Public chat sticky notification to all. (user shared a message)
  • Creator should be able to delete Game until 5 goats are placed : in home page / game page.
  • Opponent should be able to leave Game until 5 goats are placed : in game page.
  • Claim/Dispute Notifications to players
  • Rate opponent while Giving Up
  • Score system update for Dispute / Resolved game

Online Baghchal Update Cycle 5 / UC5, Feb 3rd 2012

  • No Signup: replay game - start and end of the game notification
  • Send private message to the existing users only
  • Send private message to the existing users only
  • Send growl "is watching game" for playing game only
  • Game created notification send to all, sticky.
  • Gem Joined notification send to all, sticky.

Game sharing options

  • Information inside Game sharing pop up at home page made more visible.
  • Game can be shared from Game Play page
  • Game can be shared from Game Playback page
  • Game can be shared without Signup

Online Baghchal Update Cycle 4 / UC4, Feb 2nd 2012

  • <meta> tags messages
  • Game delete option for games without opponent.
  • Reply/Playback finished games without signup
  • Game play page - You Vs. opponent - profile links added for easier navigation
  • Minor spelling fixes

Online Baghchal Update Cycle 3 / UC3, Jan 30th 2012

  • Home page not loading problem at different browsers fixed
  • No signup required for Wacthing playing / finished games.
  • /game styled
  • Profile page game table Created Time
  • Game play Chat - watcher name in italic / jgrowl
  • Login message made uniform throughout all the page
  • /help - Gives Up / Wins / Looses
  • Game play chat collapse time after game finishes increased, 20 seconds

Online Baghchal Update Cycle 2 / UC2, Jan 25th 2012

  • Notification for private message ?
  • Notification – click to read effect
  • Help message below Score at profile page. "Score System ?"
  • Game Logic bugs fixed
  • Online User Score
  • Finished/Giveup games table
  • Finished/Giveup games table
  • Pop up message – error in transfer – for unidentified cases – removed.
  • "Is online" growl message for all online users.
  • Show all messages in Message reload – in game chat
  • Goat captured (dead goat) notification on both sides.

Read details here.

Online Baghchal Update Cycle 1 / UC1, Jan 12th 2012

  • Score System changed
  • Public Chat – User profile url in chat messages, sticky mention in receiving end for private messages.
  • Finished Game Replay/Playback

Minor Improvements

  • Visual Clue – movement squares
  • Bagh Icon in Game Play Page – Status –> Turn section increased
  • New game created notification – sticky
  • Score of Online Users fixed
  • Automatic pop up removal after few seconds.
  • Game Chat Improvement – User profile URL added to chat message sender, sticky mention of private messages.
  • Option to share game made more visible.
  • Give up warning made more informative.
  • Updated help section for Creating/Sharing games

Read details here.

Happy Birthday Online Baghchal, Jan 6th 2012

Celebrating Online Baghchal's and Hem's birthday at the same day.

Online Baghchal Beta Launch and Implementation Details, Jan 4th 2012

Read about how we built online baghchal, techhical details, our team here.