How to Play Baghchal Game Video
Baghchal Game General Rules:
  • The gameboard is a grid of intersecting orthogonal and diagonal lines upon which pieces are placed.
  • There are 25 intersections in the board where game pieces can be placed
  • The pieces are made up of 4 tigers and 20 goats.
  • The pieces move along the lines to adjacent intersections. One intersection at a time.
  • Tiger can move two intersection when jumping a goat over to a empty intersection.
  • One intersection is left for 2nd phase of game play where goats have to move
  • All 4 Tigers start at corner positions.
  • Goats play in two phase.
  • In 1st phase: All 20 goats must be placeed turn by turn into the board.
  • In 2nd phase: Goats move after all 20 have been placed on the board.
  • Players alternate their moves.
Baghchal Game Rules for Tigers:
  • The goal of the tigers is to capture five goats by jumping over them.
  • They can start capturing goats any moment after the match has started.
  • They can capture only one goat at a time.
  • A tiger cannot jump over another tiger.
  • A tiger can only jump over one goat.
  • Tiger can jump over a goat in any direction, but it must be to an adjacent intersection following the lines drawn on the board.
  • A tiger can not jump over a corner position goat piece.
Baghchal Game rules for the Goats:
  • The goal of the goats is to immobilize the tigers by surrounding them in such a way that no tiger can move.
  • They must leave the board when captured.
  • They can not jump over the tigers or other goats.
Online Baghchal Winning Criterias:
  • Tigers win if they capture 5 goats
  • Goats win if they block all possible legal moves of the tigers.
  • Tigers win if they block all possible legal moves of the goats (rare case)
Online Baghchal rules:
  • The user can create only one game at a time.
  • If a match faces repetitive moves, game winner is decided based on player's Online Baghchal rank (Dispute Resolution)
Online Baghchal Score System
Game ResultsPointsRemarks
Win+5When a player Wins the game.
Win (opponent: computer, difficulty: beginners)+1When a player/computer Wins a AI game with difficulty beginners.
Win (opponent: computer, difficulty: medium)+2When a player/computer Wins a AI game with difficulty medium.
Lost0When a player Looses the game.
Give Up (opponent)+3When a player Gives Up opponent is awarded 3 points.
Give Up (player)-3When a player Gives Up 3 point is deducted from player's score.
Dispute Won+3When a player wins a dispute claim.
Dispute Lost-3When a player loses dispute claim.


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