Baghchal also know as "Tiger & Goats" or "Moving Tigers" is a two player strategic board game originating in Nepal . The game is asymmetric in that one player controls four tigers and the other player controls twenty goats/goti/bakhra. The tigers 'hunt' the goats while the goats attempt to block the tigers' movements. Bagh in Nepali means tiger, and chal means move, Baghchal simply means a game where tigers are moved in the game board.

3000 years ago in Nepal, shepherds used to trap tigers in jungles in specially built Trap Houses by luring them with goats placed in strategic positions. With, we present to you the online real-time version of the Baghchal (Tiger & Goats) board game that represents how the shepherds actually trapped the tigers.

Baghchal is a two-player strategy board game. It's finite (regarding the number of available strategies or choices), dynamic (players do not simultaneously decide their strategies), sequential (players alternate turns), non-cooperative (players compete and cannot win or lose together), zero-sum, complete, and perfect information game. Online Baghchal is its online real-time version.

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Online Baghchal is developed and maintained by Bhupal Sapkota

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Sanjay Maharjan, Suvash Sedhain, Biraj Dhakal, Shankar Uprety, Suraj Aryal, Puneet Khanal, Avishek Parajuli, CP Adhikari, Divon Lan, Kishan Gupta , Sushil Gupta, Sovita Dahal , Bhuwan Pokharel,  , Tamas Leidal, Ashish Acharya  , Neal Pandit, Rajan Sharma, Shishir Bashyal

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