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314646-! (bagh)YespiSherpafinishedMar 28, 2024Won by YespiSherpaDetails
32AayutshuS (goat)Thapakazi1finishedMar 28, 2024Won by Thapakazi1Details
33chiran8 (goat)Rauniyar01finishedMar 28, 2024Won by Rauniyar01Details
34aashishuprety (goat)bipin.rijal.16finishedMar 28, 2024Won by bipin.rijal.16Details
35aashishuprety (goat)computerfinishedMar 28, 2024Won by aashishupretyDetails
36aashishuprety (goat)computerfinishedMar 28, 2024Won by computerDetails
374646-! (goat)computerfinishedMar 28, 2024Won by 4646-!Details
38nakendrasanjyal (goat)RoshanPantfinishedMar 27, 2024Won by nakendrasanjyalDetails
39Ronnni (bagh)computerfinishedMar 26, 2024Won by RonnniDetails
40AayutshuS (goat)computerfinishedMar 26, 2024Won by computerDetails
41bipin.rijal.16 (goat)computerfinishedMar 26, 2024Won by bipin.rijal.16Details
424646-! (goat)computerfinishedMar 26, 2024Won by 4646-!Details
434646-! (goat)computerfinishedMar 26, 2024Won by 4646-!Details
444646-! (bagh)computerfinishedMar 26, 2024Won by 4646-!Details
454646-! (goat)computerfinishedMar 26, 2024Won by 4646-!Details
464646-! (goat)computerfinishedMar 26, 2024Won by 4646-!Details
47Aakriti_Rai (bagh)computerfinishedMar 25, 2024Won by Aakriti_RaiDetails
48Aakriti_Rai (goat)computerfinishedMar 25, 2024Won by Aakriti_RaiDetails
49sombt (goat)computerfinishedMar 25, 2024Won by sombtDetails
50aashishuprety (bagh)computerfinishedMar 24, 2024Won by aashishupretyDetails
51aashishuprety (goat)computerfinishedMar 24, 2024Won by aashishupretyDetails
52Bibek_bhatta (bagh)computerfinishedMar 23, 2024Won by Bibek_bhattaDetails
53Aakriti_Rai (bagh)computerfinishedMar 22, 2024Won by Aakriti_RaiDetails
544646-! (goat)computerfinishedMar 22, 2024Won by computerDetails
554646-! (goat)computerfinishedMar 22, 2024Won by 4646-!Details
56aashishuprety (goat)computerfinishedMar 22, 2024Won by computerDetails
57aashishuprety (goat)computerfinishedMar 21, 2024Won by computerDetails
58aashishuprety (goat)computerfinishedMar 21, 2024Won by aashishupretyDetails
594646-! (goat)computerfinishedMar 21, 2024Won by 4646-!Details
604646-! (goat)computerfinishedMar 21, 2024Won by computerDetails
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