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1kiranbandana (goat)computerplayingOct 31, 2023Game is runningWatch
2kiranbandana (bagh)computergiveupOct 31, 2023Gave Up by kiranbandanaDetails
3kiranbandana (goat)computerfinishedOct 31, 2023Won by computerDetails
4Beaten (goat)computerplayingOct 29, 2023Game is runningWatch
5Beaten (bagh)computerfinishedOct 29, 2023Won by computerDetails
6Beaten (goat)computergiveupOct 29, 2023Gave Up by BeatenDetails
7Beaten (goat)computergiveupOct 29, 2023Gave Up by BeatenDetails
8Sampanna1 (bagh)sama_011finishedOct 8, 2023Won by sama_011Details
9sama_011 (bagh)Sampanna1finishedOct 8, 2023Won by sama_011Details
10kapilranjit (goat)computerplayingSep 15, 2023Game is runningWatch
11Sulav (bagh)KismatplayingSep 5, 2023Game is runningWatch
12Kismat (bagh)computerfinishedSep 1, 2023Won by KismatDetails
13Kismat (bagh)computerfinishedAug 30, 2023Won by KismatDetails
14Kismat (bagh)computerfinishedAug 30, 2023Won by KismatDetails
15Kismat (bagh)computerfinishedAug 29, 2023Won by KismatDetails
16Kismat (bagh)computerfinishedAug 29, 2023Won by KismatDetails
17Kismat (bagh)computerfinishedAug 28, 2023Won by computerDetails
18kapilranjit (goat)computerfinishedAug 27, 2023Won by computerDetails
19kapilranjit (bagh)computerfinishedAug 27, 2023Won by kapilranjitDetails
20kapilranjit (goat)computerfinishedAug 27, 2023Won by kapilranjitDetails
21Jiyoung (goat)---waitingAug 19, 2023Waiting for playerJoin
22cemorus (bagh)---waitingAug 4, 2023Waiting for playerJoin
23SujanShrestha (goat)computerfinishedAug 3, 2023Won by SujanShresthaDetails
24sameep (bagh)---waitingAug 2, 2023Waiting for playerJoin
25Lakpa (goat)---waitingJul 19, 2023Waiting for playerJoin
26Lakpa (bagh)computerfinishedJul 19, 2023Won by LakpaDetails
27sama_011 (goat)AadityafinishedJul 8, 2023Won by AadityaDetails
28sama_011 (bagh)AadityafinishedJul 8, 2023Won by sama_011Details
29Aaditya (bagh)sama_011finishedJul 8, 2023Won by AadityaDetails
30thecooldev (goat)AadityafinishedJul 8, 2023Won by AadityaDetails


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