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1fyteee (goat)computerplayingabout 1 day agoGame is runningWatch
2bhu1st (goat)computerfinishedabout 2 days agoWon by bhu1stDetails
3playerqqk2 (goat)4kesasfinishedabout 2 days agoWon by 4kesasDetails
4playerqqk2 (bagh)4kesasfinishedabout 2 days agoWon by playerqqk2Details
5playerqqk2 (bagh)4kesasfinishedabout 2 days agoWon by playerqqk2Details
6playerqqk2 (bagh)4kesasfinishedabout 2 days agoWon by playerqqk2Details
7sombt (bagh)computerfinishedApr 14, 2024Won by sombtDetails
8HeroineHero (bagh)HeroHeroinefinishedApr 11, 2024Won by HeroineHeroDetails
9HeroHeroine (bagh)HeroineHerofinishedApr 11, 2024Won by HeroHeroineDetails
10sombt (goat)computerfinishedApr 11, 2024Won by sombtDetails
11manoj_dhakal (goat)computerfinishedApr 10, 2024Won by computerDetails
12manoj_dhakal (bagh)computerfinishedApr 10, 2024Won by manoj_dhakalDetails
13manoj_dhakal (goat)computerfinishedApr 10, 2024Won by manoj_dhakalDetails
14sombt (goat)computerfinishedApr 4, 2024Won by sombtDetails
15sombt (goat)computerfinishedApr 3, 2024Won by sombtDetails
16sombt (goat)computerfinishedApr 3, 2024Won by sombtDetails
17sombt (goat)computerfinishedApr 2, 2024Won by sombtDetails
18sombt (goat)computerfinishedApr 2, 2024Won by sombtDetails
19Sumangupta (goat)computerfinishedMar 31, 2024Won by SumanguptaDetails
20Thapakazi1 (bagh)SumanguptafinishedMar 31, 2024Won by SumanguptaDetails
21Aakriti_Rai (bagh)Thapakazi1finishedMar 31, 2024Won by Thapakazi1Details
22Sumangupta (goat)Narendra049finishedMar 31, 2024Won by SumanguptaDetails
23Bibek_bhatta (bagh)Narendra049finishedMar 31, 2024Won by Narendra049Details
24PAVAN3366 (bagh)---waitingMar 30, 2024Waiting for playerJoin
25Rauniyar01 (bagh)Thapakazi1giveupMar 30, 2024Gave Up by Thapakazi1Details
26YespiSherpa (bagh)Narendra049finishedMar 30, 2024Won by Narendra049Details
27Bibek_bhatta (goat)maheshmahatofinishedMar 30, 2024Won by Bibek_bhattaDetails
28Thapakazi1 (goat)computergiveupMar 30, 2024Gave Up by Thapakazi1Details
29Thapakazi1 (goat)computergiveupMar 30, 2024Gave Up by Thapakazi1Details
30nakendrasanjyal (goat)Aakriti_RaigiveupMar 30, 2024Gave Up by nakendrasanjyalDetails


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